My project "Song of Psalms" is an exploration of complex and intertwined stories of life challenges, faith, and the desire for positive change. It immerses us in a world where people face adversity and strive to overcome it, where faith provides hope, and the desire to change one's life gives strength to move forward. In "Song of Psalms", each character carries their own story and together, connected by family ties, they create a powerful kaleidoscope full of tragedy and hope, filled with faith in the possibility of justice and well-being for all.

At the center of my project is an amazing and strong grandmother, Dan, who serves as a unique intersection uniting all the characters. She reads prayers daily and is constantly in search of God, who comes to her aid through her own hands.

Psalms, a happy three-year-old boy, is Dan's grandson, whom she raises with his two older sisters. The children's mother, Dan's daughter, suffers from bipolar disorder and drug addiction, and constantly disappears from their lives, sometimes for several months at a time. The boy's father was recently released from prison, where he spent two years, and is now trying to do everything in his power for his only son. Of course, this is not a model family in the conventional sense, but it is the reality for many. Such families are often condemned, stigmatized, and their existence ignored. Children born into such difficult families often have a challenging childhood.

Psalms is too young to understand the complexities of his life, but at the same time, he is old enough to appreciate the happiness of having a family. When Psalms and his sisters yearn for family warmth, and as Dan seeks God, they discover that they become what they seek and what they await for each other.

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