11/2023          solo exhibition at FMoPA in Tampa, 

07/2023        FMoPA exhibition in Tampa, Fl

06/2023       group NFT exhibition in Miami, USA

05/2023       Éloquence group exhibition in Sapporo, Japan

04/2023        NFT New York group exhibition 

03/2023        ImageNation group exhibition New York

02/2023        NFT Paris group exhibition in Grand Palais

12/2022         Art Basel Miami 

07/2022        Helsinki International Foto Festival

05/2022        Lensculture group exhibition New York

05/2022        Éloquence group exhibition in Sapporo, Japan

04/2022        solo exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa

03/2022        PH21 group exhibition Budapest, Hungary

03/2022        BIFA Budapest, Hungary

11/2021        Bratislava OFF Foto Festival

11/2021        ImageNation group exhibition in Paris, France

07/2021        Helsinki International Foto Festival

06/2021        Melancholia group exhibition in Barcelona, Spain

05/2021        Éloquence group exhibition in Sapporo, Japan

04/2021        Roma International group exhibition Rome, Italy 

03/2021        International group exhibition in Jeonj, Korea

10/2020       The Independent Photo group exhibition Berlin, Germany

10/2020       Lucie Foundation group exhibition Los Angeles  (online)

portfolio reviews

2022     Imago Lisboa Photo Festival

2022     Magnum / Hannah Price

2021     photoVogue / Alessia Glaviano

2020    photoVogue / Maggie Stieber

2020    photoVogue / Shannon Ghannam


12/2022       CNN World

12/2022       Talking Pictures (interview)

05/2022     The Guardian 

07/2021       Scientific American Magazine

Nowhere Diary (USA)

All About Photo (USA)

The Independent Photographer (USA)

FotoNostrum (Barcelona)

Iconic Artist Magazine (Milan)

Sguardo Art Magazine (Brazil)

photo Vogue Italia (Milan)

Dodho (Barcelona)

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